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Official 2001 e-Manage Ultimate vehicle speed sensor workaround thread

I have an '01 e-Shift and an e-Manage Ultimate with a Boomslang PNP harness. For months I've been battling automatic transmission 'wierdness' that only repros when the Ultimate is installed. The wierdness can be described as what feels like failure of the torque converter to lockup / engage properly when coming to stops at intersections at various / random times and is most easily reproduced when quickly shifting bewteen Drive and Reverse say in your driveway. The 'repro' has occured when the car is shown as being in gear but doesn't go anywhere when the foot is removed from the brake pedal or when gas is applied (i.e. the engine free revs like it's in neutral).

Here is what the Lexus service manual says about the operation of the automatic transmission and the pertinent sensors that govern its operation:

Previous automatic transmissions have selected each gear shift using mechanically controlled throttle hydraulic pressure,
governor hydraulic pressure and lock–up hydraulic pressure. The electronically controlled transmission, however, electrically
controls the line pressure, throttle pressure, lock–up pressure and accumulator pressure etc. through the solenoid valve. The
electronically controlled transmission is a system which precisely controls gear shift timing and lock–up timing in response to
the vehicle’s driving conditions and the engine condition detected by various sensors. It makes smooth driving possible by
shift selection for each gear which is the most appropriate to the driving conditions at that time, and by preventing downing,
squat and gear shift shock when starting off.
When driving, the engine warm up condition is input as a signal to TERMINAL THW of the engine control module from the
engine coolant temp. sensor and the vehicle speed signal from vehicle speed sensor is input to TERMINAL SP2+ of the
engine control module
. At the same time, the throttle valve opening signal from the throttle position sensor is input to
TERMINALS VTA and VTA2 of the engine control module as throttle angle signal.
Based on these signals, the engine control module selects the best shift position for the driving conditions and sends current
to the electronically controlled transmission solenoid.
When the engine control module decides based on each signal that the lock–up condition has been met, the current flows
through TERMINAL SLU+ of the engine control module to TERMINAL 4 of the electronically controlled transmission solenoid
to TERMINAL 10 to TERMINAL SLU– of the engine control module to GROUND.
When datalogging with the e-Manage I noticed that the vehicle speed was always off by a factor of 10x. This could be corrected using the 'vehicle speed adjustment' and setting its value to '10'(%) in the software but this does not fix the transmission problems.

The solution: By default the e-Manage takes the vehicle speed sensor data as input on pin 11 of Connector C and it outputs the vehicle speed to the ECU on pin 10 of Connector C. The workaround to the above problem is to cut both of these wires and then to take the wire that was bringing the vehicle speed INTO the e-Mange and connecting it to the wire that was coming OUT of the e-manage (i.e. just bypass the e-Manage entirely). You're essentially taking the vehicle speed sensor wire and routing it directly to the ECU again. This takes the e-Manage out of the loop and it will read a vehicle speed of 0km/h at all times. In addition - after confirming that fixes the problem you can take the snipped pin 11 of connector C coming from the Ultimate and you can tap the vehicle speed sensor wire using that so that the e-Manage can read the vehicle speed (and display it incorrectly) but cannot output the vehicle speed to anything.

As near as I can tell you only lose the ability to do vehicle speed adjustment which AFAIK is only needed if you are using exotic tire sizes that would radically affect your vehicle speed reading or something.

Here are some pictures of what you're looking for (attached).
The first attachment shows the e-Manage's connectors / pin-out and I've circled the wires involved in taking the vehicle speed sensor wire as input and the wire that spits it back out towards the ECU.

The second attachment is from a Mitchell manual showing that pin 5 in the E5 connector is the one responsible for sending the vehicle speed to the ECU (SP2+ / blue / yellow).

The third attachment is from the Lexus service manual showing what the E5 connector looks like for the 2001 wiring harness so that you can verify you are dealign with the right wire. On my Boomslang PNP harness they were kind enough to use the right color coding as described in the Mitchell manual and as used by Greddy so it was really easy to spot it - it was the only wire in this connector that was coming from the e-Manage and it was the expected colors. The E4, E5, E6, E7 connectors are all unique so you should be able to visually identify this connector in your wiring box by looking at the pin arragement. NOTE: This picture I believe shows you the location of the wire in the harness if you are looking at it with the wires heading into it (i.e. from behind - not looking at the part that connects into the ECU but from the point of view where the wires go into the connector).

I hope this helps someone.
I'm not sure why this has never been discovered before now or why other '01 users aren't having this problem.

For the record I mailed Greddy both my e-Manage Ultimate and my PNP harness. They claim to have tested the Ultimate and said it was fine and blamed the vehicle speed problem on 'cross talk' from adjacent wires and a shoddy wiring harness. Their recommendation was that I hot-glue the harness where the epxosed metal was down by the base. I did that and it made absolutely no difference - so I would skip that step. I also sent the Ultimate to a forum member who tested it on his newer model year car with his own wiring harness and it worked fine on his car as well.

The problem truly seems to lie with whatever vehicle speed sensor is being used on '01 model year cars and it not being supported / read properly by the e-Manage.
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2001 e-Shift with BC Stage 2 cams - Greddy e-Manage Ultimate - K&N FIPK2 - Mazzuri Super (v1) - Custom Borla Exhaust (x2) - Unorthodox Cam Gear (+2 degrees) - Eibach Prokit (springs / sways) - Bilstein HD shocks

219whp & 216lb/ft
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Sorry to dig up an old one.
I was wondering if anyone know instead of running the speed sensor wires at the ECU. If you could de-pin the two wires from the e-manage and run them direct to the wires running to the speedometer cluster. That way you could alter the speed at the gauge. Does anyone know if this would work?
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Hi ,

Just passing by to add my experience since it's this specific thread wich pointed me to the right direction with same problem on my 96 JDM Supra TT with a greddy e-manage ultimate:

I did the "splice mod" in the odometer cause the conversion chip from 0-12V sine to 0-5V square was fried.

The Toyota ECU was understanding the signal OK, no more code 42

BUT the speed limiter at 180km/h was back !

=>I still wanted to use the speed limiter cut option of the EManage Ultimate

BUT the EMU alternatively lost speed signal (not clean enough for it to understand reliably, often 0 km/h, sudden spikes to 1000km/h for 1sec then back to 0...)

did some tests on EMU speed sensing with scope and frequency generator:
"zero" signal must be inferior to 1.1V
"tick" signal must be superior to 1.1V , square or sine
->EMU outputs -5V / +5V symmetric square signal

the supra speed sensor signal is sending 0.97V / 7.5V, square (engine not running, 12V battery voltage, so maybe more voltage when 14.4V engine running)

I previously installed a "YellowBox" speedo corrector for my custom speedometer

Then I had the idea of wiring the speed output signal of the YellowBox to the EMU , signal is more clean thanks to the YellowBox.
=> Now EMU catches it ALWAYS !

I just insert the yellowbox correction ratio back in the EMU configuration software and use the speed limit cut removal option and now everything works:

-dash speedo is accurate as before
-no more code 42 on ECU
-speed accurate in EMU logs
-speed limit 180km/h removed thanks to EMU

WARNING: if you want to keep stock AC, PS speed sensitivity you have to wire them to the output of the EMU corrected signal OR directly to the output of the speed sensor !

Last edited by wattgaz; 01-24-2017 at 06:50 AM. Reason: precision on tests with EMU speed signal input
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I truly thought that something was wrong with my transmission . Will try this as soon as I get the chance
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