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  1. 'Tis The Season... To Get GEEKED Up!
  2. What Zombies?
  3. Cyber Monday Savings from AAC! *15% Off Online Orders*
  4. Black Friday at AAC Never Sounded Better!
  5. Are Oracle Halos Durable?
  6. Let Oracle Lighting Help You Save Money On Your Electric Bill!
  7. 2012 SEMA Project Build- Polaris RZR!
  8. ORACLE Lighting has a surprise for you! >>>Video Inside<<<
  9. Attending SEMA? Be sure to stop by our booth to meet Rutledge Wood!
  10. Your black chrome OEM housing on ebay
  11. Same Office but a Different View
  12. We Were Told That Our Products Were a HOT Commodity - Fire At AAC
  13. Which Oracle HID kit to buy
  14. Hurricane Isaac NOTICE
  15. Inc Magazine releases list of America's Fastest Growing Private Companies for 2012...
  16. A Look Behind the Scenes - Partnership with Oracle Lighting and West Coast Customs
  17. AAC to open new location in Houston, TX later this year!
  18. Joe Johnson of the Brooklyn Nets Install <<<Pics inside
  19. LED Projector Door Light Gobo from AAC- Take 25% OFF!
  20. Red 5 reveals Firefall's Mobile Gaming Unit Featuring ORACLE Lighting
  21. AAC Wins Bronze American Business Award for Consumer Products Company of the Year!
  22. Don't know what to get Dad for Father's Day?... check out the 24X-9 Xenon Flashlight
  23. LA Clipper Ryan Gomes showing off his ORACLE Halos!
  24. ORACLE Camaros: 2010 and 1969 Featured in this Month's DUB Magazine!
  25. The ORACLE Camaro Featured in Performance Auto & Sound Magazine
  26. NEW Product: Bighten up your Garage with ORACLE LED Shop Lights!
  27. 50,000 fans and counting...
  28. ORACLE LED Pods- Perfect for Engine Bay Illumination!
  29.'s custom ORACLE LED Halo Headlights on Top Gear BBC
  30. Inside West Coast Customs: "Vader's Ride!"
  31. ORACLE Halos installed on DJ Ashba's 392 Challenger> Video!
  32. West Coast Customs ORACLE Lighting Installation on Classic Fastback!
  33. NEW! ORACLE In-Line LED Controller -Dim/Strobe/Pulse- Intro Pricing just $12.95!
  34. New To Lexus IS Forums
  35. One tough IS300 Headlight!
  36. Stevenson Racing #75 Grand Am Race Car @ Rolex 24 Daytona
  37. Awesome 5.0 Mustang ColorSHIFT video by AAC featured on DUB DAILY!
  38. CarBUZZ feature on AACstyle'd Dodge Challenger
  39. AACstyle and West Coast Customs Team up again for the American Cancer Society
  40. ABC News article covers Halo Headlights from Advanced Automotive Concepts!
  41. New LED Controller from ORACLE Lighting: Music / Sound Activated RGB Effects!
  42. *AAC January Customer Newsletter*
  43. SALE: ORACLE Wireless Remote Control from AAC> Dual-Channel Multifunction Controller!
  44. December 16th is National Free Shipping Day!
  45. AAC/ ORACLE Spotlight in Performance Auto & Sound Magazine
  46. Lamborghini Gallardo Superlegerra Custom Lighting Installation by AAC
  47. Check out this month's issue of DUB Magazine for a feature on ORACLE Halo Kits!
  48. Cyber Monday: 30% OFF IS300 Carbon Fiber plus FREE LED Flashlight!
  49. BLACK FRIDAY Deals from Advanced Automotive Concepts!
  50. The Washington Post was here at AAC> Video!
  51. Inside West Coast Customs JB's CTS-V Build- Featuring ORACLE Lighting!
  52. Inside West Coast Customs Zippo Jeep Build- Featuring ORACLE Lighting!
  53. AAC & West Coast Customs Team up to Support Operation Mend UCLA for Wounded Soldiers
  54. Just Read
  55. The DUB Magazine Project on MTV2
  56. pagng justin
  57. extended rear caps for lowbeams
  58. Who would be interested in ColorSHIFT 2.0 Halos for the IS300?
  59. Who would be interested in SMD Sidemarkers for the IS300?
  60. Cool photo of our 2011 SEMA cars!
  61. Congratulations to Kirk, Daniel, and Jamie!
  62. Take 20% OFF and lower your electric bill when you order LED lighting for your home!
  63. Coming Soon...
  64. Didn't get want you really wanted for Father's Day?
  65. World's Largest LED Knight Rider Scanner Bar! >>>VIDEO<<<
  66. Washing your car with a pressure washer?
  67. Three-Peat! Thank you to all of my customers!
  68. SALE! New REMOTE: 2 Channels Control and Multifunction Control in ONE! **SAVE $30!**
  69. New Product from AAC: Chrome Halogen Bulb Replacements!
  70. Product News: Multi-Function 2 Channel Remotes now available from AAC!
  71. Custom Logo Laser Etching> VIDEO... check it out!
  72. Hot Rod TV on the Speed Channel
  73. Great article about our Lighitng Products in USA Today
  74. How come you don't return E-mails or phone calls?
  75. AAC Visits Zappos Headquarters!
  76. Have you prepared for an attack of the undead?
  77. Take 10% OFF Select eBay items for a Limited Time!
  78. New LED Scanner from AAC: Dynamic Color Changing RGB Lighting Effects!
  79. Customer Appreciation SALE
  80. AAC Custom Lighting on Suzuki GSXR1000> VIDEO!
  81. Attn: We will be CLOSED Tues 03/08/2011 for Mardi Gras
  82. Find us on Facebook> Get Exclusive Discounts and Product Updates!
  83. FREE SHIPPING Today Only! 2/7/11
  84. Advanced Automotive Concepts listed as #2 Fastest Growing Company on 1012 Corridor
  85. ATTN: Will be at CES until 01/11/11
  86. SALE: 12V Multifunction LED Wireless Remote Control Units for JUST $49.95!
  87. AAC Now offering Hydrografix! >>>Pic Inside!
  88. Congratulations to the "Salty Dogs" for winning Battle of the Builds!
  89. Holiday Gift Idea: *AAC Gift Cards* Available Now!
  90. Christmas SALE: 24X-9 ORACLE Xenon Flashlight- The PERFECT Gift Idea!
  91. CYBER MONDAY Part#2: Holiday Special Savings from Advanced Automotive Concepts!
  92. New Pics! Overview of our SEMA Camaro Build
  93. AAC is Bringing Light to Black Friday
  94. 1st gen is300 hid fog problem: only 1 light turns on at a time
  95. *SPYSHOT*... SHAQ's 2011 WB Musting 5.0 w/ ORACLE Red Halos from AAC!
  96. 2011 ORACLE Catalog- Online Version Inside
  97. Back from SEMA 2010!
  98. Same Day Shipping Promotion!
  99. "The OT" Dodge Ram Project is officially in route to Vegas for SEMA!
  100. infiniti "six gun" retrofit
  101. Brand New! Oracle ColorSHIFT RGB Flood Light Pods!
  102. Investing in Customer Satisfaction
  103. Forum Member Promotion! <<< FREE ORACLE LED Flashlight with Order>>>
  104. Photos of LED Ambient Door Lighting Project we are working on for SEMA
  105. Sneek Peek: SEMA Custom Headlight Retrofit
  106. ebay q45s??
  107. Advanced Automotive Concepts September Newsletter! Latest News & Free Shipping Promo!
  108. Oracle HID bulbs
  109. The INC.500 List Officially Released! America's 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies
  110. Advanced Automotive Concepts August Newsletter!
  111. Sema 2010
  112. LED Strip Lighting from AAC starting at just $11.95!
  113. Painting headlights sport design chrome?
  114. Attention: The 1st Annual AAC Open House / Meet & Greet/ BBQ/ Mardi Gras Experience!
  115. Advanced Automotive Concepts Staff Training
  116. Our eBay Deals Just Became 10% Better!
  117. Video: ORACLE Lighting Installation at AAC
  118. LED Night Rider Scanner V2.0... Check out this video!
  119. The Perfect Father's Day Gift for the Dad who Has Everything!
  120. hey justin,
  121. H3 foglight HID bulb solutions?
  122. Slim LED Pendant Lighting- Great for Shop or Garage!
  123. Memorial Day Sale on ALL Carbon Fiber
  124. AAC Facebook Fan Promotion> AAC Gift Pack!
  125. Quick Video: Bench Testing a Set of IS300 Retrofit Headlights with SMD Halos
  126. This Month's DUB Cover Car: Nelly's 2011 Widebody Mustang featuring Lighting by AAC!
  127. AACstyle'd Police Car> Video Inside!
  128. are there any installers for AAC HID/HALO Kits in the SF BayArea ?
  129. NEW from AAC- ORACLE Ultra-Flush LED Push Button Switches
  130. left drivers HID side not working
  131. AAC Customer Newsletter- March
  132. Color changing Halos ever done on the IS300 headlights? ColorSHIFT VIDEO
  133. Lexus GS430 Carbon Fiber Engine Cover... coming soon
  134. *Closed for Mardi Gras*
  135. Who Dat?
  136. Lighting Quote
  137. Pics and Video from the World of Wheels car show
  138. Justin, I sent the Kit back to you for replacement
  139. Need help with bulb in my headlight! please
  140. Shipping is not available to Canada?
  141. Suzuki B-King Motorcycle Headlight Xenon Projector Retrofit
  142. Having Some Fun With LEDs!
  143. Notice: New Company Address Effective Immediately
  144. AAC Installer in AZ?
  145. Justin : Can you email and post the hid kit install
  146. Stock Headlights
  147. price quote
  148. LED Tail Light Pictures (and Video) built for Customer in Barbados
  149. Carbon SALE! CF Engine Cover+ CF Radiator Panel just $289 SHIPPED!
  150. Christmas SALE: 24X-9 ORACLE Xenon Flashlight!
  151. *AAC Gift Cards* Available for the Holidays!
  152. *ORACLE 4 Channel Remote Control Unit Group Buy!*
  153. ORACLE "4-Channel" Remote Control Units >VIDEO<
  154. SALE: ORACLE 3' SMD Strip Kit- only $29.99 + FREE SHIPPING!
  155. Preview of AAC's new Facility and our 2010 Outlook!
  156. 9006 Led Bulbs
  157. led bulbs
  158. Sema 2009
  159. Lexus IS300 Painted -vs- Unpainted PCB's> Pics Inside!
  160. ORACLE Spot Light LED Pods Now Available!
  161. New Lexus IS300 Black Chrome Headlights with 10000K XE Halos> Ready to Ship!
  162. intake scoop?
  163. Does anyone know CERTIFIED INSTALLER for AAC HALO in OrangeCounty or LA?
  164. Lexus IS300 SMD (and Dual Color) Halo Rings Groupbuy!
  165. Switchable Halos>6000K>10000K>BLUE... Intrest for the IS300?
  166. ORACLE LED Strip Installed in Lebron James' Dodge Challenger!
  167. Check out this Month's Issue of PAS Magazine for AAC Product Features!
  168. Lexus IS300 SMD Halo Rings from AAC> Pics!
  169. Dodge Challenger Illuminated Engine Bay> Pics!
  170. ORACLE LEDs Installed in the Coors Light Cold Zone> New Orleans Superdome!
  171. what kind of epoxy?
  172. Hummer H2 Halo Installation w/ Remote> Pics and Video!
  173. Keep an Eye out for AAC in DUB issue #62! Feature Install Guide
  174. ORACLE RGB LED Strips > Pics and Videos!
  175. New Lexus IS300 Black Housing Headlights with Q45 Retrofit> Ready to Ship!
  176. DUB "BLK HWK" Edition Challenger to Sport AAC Halos! Pics and Video
  177. Become a Fan of AAC on Facebook!
  178. Warped Inverters?
  179. ORACLE LED Lighting Pods> $17.99 on Sale NOW!
  180. AAC's Featured Customer Ride of the Month: Project N96 Drop Top Revenge!
  181. Red Halos installed in Mannie Fresh's 2010 Camaro :)
  182. 2010 Camaro With GREEN AAC LED Halo Kit and Remote!
  183. LED Turn signals?
  184. Keep our friend Todd in your Prayers!
  185. Contacting Advanced Automotive Concepts
  186. Lexus IS300 Taillight LED Rings! (New Style)> Pricing and Links Added!
  187. Ezcorpion Stopped by the house for Speedo Rings
  188. Any approved or known installers for AAC HID/HALO Kits in the SF BayArea ?
  189. Free Gift from AAC with every order in July!
  190. AACstyle Mail Server Down for Maintenance
  191. AAC is on sale on eBay for 15k
  192. Carbon Fiber Engine Cover Design Complete!
  193. This Weekend!
  194. Get to know me!!
  195. Took out the ORACLE 24X9 Xenon Flashlight for a Test Drive!
  196. FREE SHIPPING IS BACK! for IS Interior LED Kits!
  197. LIMITED TIME: $40 OFF Carbon Fiber Radiator Cooling Plate!
  198. LIMITED TIME: $100 OFF Carbon Fiber Hybrid License Plate Garnish!
  199. Fog and low beam installation
  200. LED DRL for 2IS?
  201. Guage cluster LED
  202. SALE! ORACLE 24W and 35W Xenon HID Flashlights
  203. FS: Supercharged C5 Corvette- Black on Black Targa! -SOLD!-
  204. license pl8 led question...
  205. Greeting from Andy at AAC!!!
  206. Aac Help!!?
  207. ok please mods erase.......
  208. CF Engine cover Bundle
  209. ATTN> AAC Certified Installer in Toronto, CANADA!
  210. ATTN> AAC Installer in Brooklyn NY!
  211. HID Stimulus Plan: $99 Xenon Conversion Kit SALE!
  212. Charger AAC Halo Photoshoot> Cool Stuff!
  213. Pic request: 6000K,8000k Hid D2R color output
  214. Painting tail lights ?'s
  215. Anybody ever do LED strip in headlights like an R8?
  216. thinking of buying the oracle halo's
  217. LED Questions
  218. ORACLE 24X-9 Xenon HID Flashlight
  219. Install ? for cf plate garnish
  220. LCA I got question about pillars
  221. ORACLE XE "Enhanced" CCFL Halo Kits> Pics Inside!
  222. Q45 Retrofit
  223. Question about 50w Ballasts
  224. Interior LED Conversion for 2IS from AAC/ORACLE
  225. Lexus IS300 Interior LED Conversion Kit> Just $18 Shipped!
  226. No Longer Available
  227. C-Pillars on a 01'
  228. Attn South Florida! New AAC Dealer Installer in Miami Area...
  229. FS: '08 G37S MT6 Sport/Premium/Tech/
  230. Lexus IS250/IS350/ISF Interior LED Conversion Kits
  231. AAC OEM headlight housings..
  232. drl bulbs/resistors
  233. Carbon Fiber Door Sills...
  234. 2009 ORACLE Lighting Catalog- HALO/HID/LED
  235. Just in time for the Holidays- Give an AAC Gift Card!
  236. ahhh cf garnish problems
  237. Cf Engine Cover?
  238. IS300 Taillight and Trunk Light Clusters
  239. Another AAC Certified Installer in SoCal (San Diego)
  240. Split's GGP Taillights
  241. Just had to say....
  242. AC import part needed if possible for a RB25.
  243. CCFL Under Dash/ Trunk Illumination Tubes from AAC
  244. ORACLE Xenon Flashlight> The ultimate flashlight!> GB INFO POSTED~!
  245. Nice Video - What's your say?
  246. ORACLE Commercial Rough Cut> Video Inside> *Lexus IS300 Footage ADDED!*
  247. ORACLE 9005 DRL LED Bulbs for IS250/IS350
  248. AAC!! Any Group Buys coming up for bulbs?
  249. Gustav
  250. CF: Cooling Plate