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Wow, I wasn't expecting such excellent responses so fast! I'm glad to see that this board does still have the expertise like it used to.

My apologies for not being more specific about the car and intended use.

My actual "problems" are not track related. It's like I've set up the car for a very well balanced track approach. But it's the street that suffers, and I only do street driving.

I guess I've just had enough issues in the rain to be paranoid, so it just got me thinking. That maybe I over-designed the car for track use, and now it's too useless for street?

It's very bumpy for sure, and I don't want to hit a little bump with one wheel and have it jar both sides at once thanks to the sway bar. Can lead to very unpredictable situations.

Or like, trying to get in or out of a driveway at an angle without getting stuck because a wheel is in the air.

Or just driving in the rain/snow seems to make things fishy fast.

So I was thinking that removing the rear sway could help with just general daily driving. I do realize that my spring rates are overkill, but I can't just easily (cheaply) experiment with that like I can with the sways. Really, I was just trying to think more about it and try and understand what others have experience with, before doing something stupid and wrecking yet again.

The alignment and camber are good, just off a little from lowering.

Thanks for the tips of how to control the car in a scary situation. I really should find somewhere to practice the "line", since I really rarely ever encounter a problem.

But as I get older, I'm just more about practicality and comfort, balanced with performance. Not so much about being slammed and "cool" lol, but actually being serious with what is proper. So, just exploring my options for now, which of course means possibly doing nothing. Like I said, the car is super balanced now, I was just wondering if I'm doing myself a disservice with strong springs AND sways for regular daily driving. And my driving confidence takes a hit when I don't even understand how the car works.

Originally Posted by onsit View Post
induce a bit more oversteer by allowing weight to transfer in the front quicker on transition phases, thus causing the rear to be a bit more wiggly.

Most tracked cars stick to 7k swift springs, or similar. I am not sure how you would even break rear traction with spring rates that high, the car must not roll at all or transfers weight too quickly to take advantage of it.
The car was very understeery stock, so I did install these sways purposely to reduce the understeer. And it worked alright, but yeah now I'm wondering if removing the rear to add some more (controllable) oversteer would be helpful.

And your second part there also suggests that my springs are indeed too high, even for tracking. Though I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "break traction" or "too quickly to take advantage of it"

Originally Posted by Ek9B18 View Post
If you hit a bump in a corner and the car hops so you lose grip, then your suspension might be too stiff.

What's the chance your shocks are too stiff and the car is hopping instead of complying with the track.
Yeah, this is what I'm thinking. The coilovers are so stiff with so little travel, but then the stiffer sway bars cause a bump on one well to break both tires' traction in a hard corner. hmmm
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