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Do stiffer springs reduce/eliminate the need for sway bars?

so I've got BC coilovers with 14k/12k spring rates, and TRD Yellow sway bars

The car is very balanced all around, no oversteer or understeer. Problem is, it grips until all 4 corners break lose at once, and there's no saving it.

So I've been thinking about the sway bars. The (much) thicker TRD sways were probably designed to be used with stock springs/suspension, so I'm wondering if using the sways is a bit reduntant or overkill with the stiff coilovers.

The way I understand it, the only real purpose of the sway bar is to be able to get away with softer springs. Softer springs allow a more comfortable ride, so the sway bars compensate in the corners.

But if your springs are so stiff to begin with, then is there really a need for sways? When is too much stiffness too much, to the point of losing grip in the corners?

Like, if you corner hard, the outside wheels are pulling up on the sway bars, which in turn pulls up on the inside wheels. I understand wanting to be flat and all, but at a certain point, your inside wheel will come off the ground and be useless, especially in a car like mine without LSD.

So I was thinking of removing at least the rear sway bar and driving without it. Or maybe both. But it's possible that I'm thinking about this wrong or missing some key information, and don't want to make the car worse to drive.

Couldn't really find much on this topic, since most people don't have such stiff springs. Thoughts?
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