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Fact: Humming/ whirring is the new brake rotors. Performance parts introduce new sounds. I noticed this when i went with the slotted power stop rotors. More aggressive braking equals louder sounds.

Shaking in steering wheel while braking may mean your pads and rotors were not broken in properly? Or as another member suggested - maybe you just got a bad rotor.

Did you flush the brake fluid in your service?

Some other members have commented in other threads saying caliper seizure is common on these cars. Ive never experienced this on my is but worth some research.

Are your calipers painted? I know when i painted the calipers on my old toyota i introduced a world of problems from paint entering the piston area. I kid you not my brakes were flaming from the wet paint fumes. ? (Lazy DiY mod)

Do sounds change upon braking? Braking through turns? Etc. lots of moving parts here, some one should be able to help.

Also, the shop should warranty their labor.

Ps. I try not braking within one long stroke. For example: 60-40 brake, coast, 35-20 brake, coast. Not pumping the brakes per say, but brake hard when you need them as to limit brake fade and heat build-up. By all means, your brakes should have a ton of "bite" now
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