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Originally Posted by 01 SolarYellow View Post
Well you can pry and see if you get any up and down movement. But that is no garantee. Mine did not move any amount I coud tell. But as soon as I replaced them the issue went away.
I visually inspected them and they looked fine. I didnt want to poke at them though.

Also, changed my LCA#2 as of right now, I havent heard the noise when I pull out from the parking lot.

To refresh, any time I parked at work, I basically do a u-turn into my spot so my wheel is 100% turned to the left. When I pull out I have to straighten out and when I turn the wheel to the right, it immediately makes a "clunk" or "pop" sound like two metal parts just popped into place. but I have to turn hard right to back out as well and when I turn again from that, it pops again.

So that SEEMS to be gone now.

My problem (mentioned in another post) is that Im getting bad vibration from stopping "hard." The LCA fix seemed to have improved that a little bit as I no longer feel the vibration in my brake pedal or wheel. Where prior to the change, I could feel it well in both.

I have nEW rotors and brakes and did the break-in process as described to the best of my ability.

So any ideas on what else could cause that?

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