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Originally Posted by Piggity View Post
I thought it was the noise that you were describing. If you have new brake rotors/pads and the shaking is still there, then it's the No.2 control arms that are causing the shaking. Mine does the same thing, even with new tires. I've yet to order my Figs replacement bushings.

When you're braking, you put a lot of stress on the No.2 bushing. If yours is as bad as you say, then this is definitely the cause of the shaking.
Well yes, at first I was because with the windows up, the noise created by the shaking is a LOUD low-pitch/low-roar type of rumbling. Thats why I noticed the sound first. After taking it out earlier, if I apply slight braking power, I dont hear it or feel it. I can be at 80mph and as long as I'm not slamming the brakes, the vibration isnt there. Its when I go from 80mph to 50mph and below in a split second that the vibration occurs.

I noticed that if Im at 80mph and hit the brakes, the vibration kinda seems to start at 60 through about 40mph and then goes down quickly. But this might be very bad and inconsistent info as I'm doing my best to reproduce problem while at the same time not crashing into anyone or catching the attention of a cop.

Tomorrow my LCA come in and Ill be replacing them and updating. For now, light braking or down shifting.
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