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Originally Posted by Piggity View Post
It sounds like the noise from the cross drilled and slotted rotors to me. I've driven on those type of rotors before and I couldn't stand the noise from them.

Also, the noise is only going to happen when you're pushing your foot on the brakes, it won't happen when the brakes aren't pushed.

Yes, its only happening when I brake. What I meant that everything starts out smooth is that theres no vibration or noises or wheel alignment drifting or any sort.

Its when I brake, everything starts shaking.

I wish I had paid more attention when I started doing everything but I want to say that the day I had the new rotors/brakes installed, even with old/worn tires and bad alignment, that everything seemed to brake just fine. I dont recall hearing the loud rumbling and feeling the hard vibration. I want to say it just started happening. Also, and this is not even part of the problem but I started noticing that if I do a u-turn to the LEFT, on the right side I hear a constant tap/knocking (sort of like hearing rapid machine gun fire at a distance).

Again, my lower control arm bushing is destroyed but Amazon is slipping right now and what should have been a Tuesday fix is now a Thursday fix so I'm still waiting to rule that out.

Any other info/help is appreciated.

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