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Low pitched hum/vibration when braking, help?

Hello All!

So Im in the process of putting new parts into my car.

2004 IS300 Sport Design 147k

- Installed new slotted & drilled rotors and ceramic pads
- Installed new Continental ExtremeContact DW tires
- Will be installing new lower control arms #2 (bushings are terrible right now)
- Will be installing ball joints

Heres my problem, before all of the new stuff, I was running basically all stock items and everything was off balanced and such.

After installing the new brakes and rotors, everything seemed fine. I followed instructions for new brakes. Braking was so much better! No problems. After installing the tires, almost seemed like didnt need alignment. Wheel was straight and no side drift while driving.

But now Im noticing that If I brake from high speed, I'm hearing a loud low-pitch hum/"whirl" sound until I come to a complete stop. If I use the manual shift and slowly shift down to 2nd gear, its not present.

Now, before any of the new installs, everything shook, everything sounded bad. After installs, nothing is really shaking (steering wheel or car), but that hum is pretty loud.

Any ideas of what it might be? Could it be the control arm that I still have to install?


So I took the car out just now, its not a hum as much as it is a vibration that causes a loud hum.

If Im going fast, everything is smooth but as soon as I brake it seems like the rear vibrates and it slowly moves to the front. Felt it slightly in the brake pedal and then in the steering wheel. It starts in the back, moves forward then through pedal and finally through wheel.

Any help, thanks!

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