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What is this part and is what's making my noise?

Hello all!

So I'm not a mechanic at all but today I decided to do my brakes and I noticed a problem.

Some background, I've been hearing a sort of "clunk" noise whenever I reverse out from my parking spot. Basically when I park at work, I have to turn into my spot and I end up with my wheels turned all the way left at times. When I leave and I reverse, when I turn the wheel the other way to reverse out, almost as soon as I turn, I hear a "clunk." Then when I'm out and i turn again, I'll hear it one more time.

Rarely do I hear it on the road. I think it's during extreme turns but funny thing is i can't always reproduce it.

I thought maybe tie rod ends but today as I changed my brakes I noticed the piece in the photos was a little messed up. Any help? I have no clue what this piece is or what it does. Would it cuz the "clunk" noise?

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