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Originally Posted by Kris OK View Post
Nice ride man. It's in good hands looks like you've got some good plans for it already. Sucks about the fuel leak but glad you caught it before it before something happened.
Originally Posted by TobiasSing View Post
yeah, that setback sucks.... but you'll figure it out and get it all fixed up good as new and not have to worry about it
Thanks guys... and thanks for your confidence in me

I like the way you think, Chris. You're right. It's just a setback... I have to keep that in mind. Can't blame the dealer and personally would have never noticed the leak on a test drive anyway!

Couldn't sleep and got to work on it early this morning:

Found the leak immediately. Thankfully not too many parts had to come off:

This stuff works great. I tried a fuel tank repair kit but that just doesn't work on the bottom of a tank where you're battling fuel still coming out:

I noticed my license lights were out. Didn't catch that on the initial inspection.
Have to remove the entire interior hatch panel:

Wiper arm was missing the end cap so ordered one along with the blade.
Don't have a wiper arm puller so I made one:

Pads, rotors, O2 sensor and fuel tank are on order. I'm biting the bullet and just having the dealer replace the tank.

Surprisingly some areas of the car are pristine while others remind me of how old the car is. Everything I'm getting into is either super easy, like working on a brand new car and others are just a PITA

"There's nothing like waiting and getting exactly what you want."
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