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Originally Posted by blkaltezza View Post
Nice pickup! I considered getting a sportcross as a daily. I used to hate how they looked but they've really grown on me over the years. They pop up for sale often in my area but sadly most of them are salvage title. Anyways looking forward to the maintenance and restoration
I feel ya! Sometimes you just have to wait for the right one. I found a lot of nice ones over the years but let them all slip by. I didn't want to go another year without a backup.
Originally Posted by whatthe View Post
Nice find.... definitely don't see those come up often anymore.

If I bought a second one, pretty sure it would end up with a V8 just so I had two completely different setups. Soooo.... I look forward to Blkdouts V8 sportcross build.... haha.
Bro, it's like our minds are working together on this already IF it boils down to it I'd like to drop in a V8 or Supercharge it - like 10psi or under. I'd say the V8 is more obtainable nowadays tho. That's one big IF - don't tempt me!
Originally Posted by GXElover View Post
Mark my words...even though I have only owned a SportX, you will love this one more and neglect the sedan.
I am absolutely loving it so far! Runs great, nice and smooth. I don't remember my sedan being this peppy and fun when it was stock! I don't know how much I can neglect the sedan tho... that thing is in a league of it's own!
Originally Posted by vman932 View Post
Greetings from a fellow black/black sedan/sportcross owner Pay no attention to the ebay headlights and sidemarkers. That picture was taken the day I got the car home. A lot has changed since then.
Sick dude! We just became friends for sure! Your cars look great side by side

Rented a storage spot and put my sedan away while I fix up the wagon. It was actually a sad moment.

Started on some little things after a nice long test drive. About 15 miles in the check engine light came on and I couldn't help but laugh. I just looked at it and said "I knew you were going to show up!" with a big stupid smile.

Anyway, it's P0037. I'll just change both sensors and see what happens. I'm already anticipating the cats going bad and might pull the trigger on VEHEMENCE's Magnaflow header w/ cats.
edit: I just ohmed out both bank 1 sensors. The heater has failed in the #2 sensor reading OL. Should be between 11 and 16 ohms. Just FYI.

Replaced the front wipers. It looks like the rear one is a specific Lexus part. May have to order that one.
Replaced the cabin filter and cleaned the cage:

Replaced the engine air filter and removed the rusted air box lid clips:

Soaked them in some penetrating oil:

Sanded, primed, painted:

Sway Bars, Pro-Kit and Koni Yellows:

All my excitement ended abruptly. I ran a bunch of errands today and every time I came back home and parked, the garage smelled like gas. I assumed the cats were going bad but the smell never dissipated.

Looked under the car and found the source:
Gas everywhere! You can see it all over the floor too.

I jacked the car up on that corner and it stopped leaking. I could hear air getting sucked back up into the tank once the car was raised. I'm going to pull the panels, braces and tank strap tomorrow and see what I can find. So sad right now.

"There's nothing like waiting and getting exactly what you want."

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