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Originally Posted by TobiasSing View Post
In for updates! I can't believe they are all black lol.... though tbh, if I had 3 cars, they'd all be blue... lol
haha well, I personally own only these two vehicles. The other I drive is a company owned white pickup. I was very interested in other colors including Green, Graphite, White and Silver but they all had tan interiors which I just cannot do. Essentially, I picked this one up based off the interior color and condition.

Originally Posted by VEHEMENCE View Post
Congrats on your unicorn! Ive often wanted one of these as well. They pop up often on craigslist here in phoenix.
I wish I bought one years ago. So many cool features compared to the sedan. If you find a good one, I highly recommend picking it up!

Originally Posted by garrettej8 View Post
nice find!
Thank you sir! IMO it was cheap at 4,600 with a budget of 8k. I hope to get a lot accomplished based on those figures.

They won't be side by side often:

"There's nothing like waiting and getting exactly what you want."

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