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I am interested in this, so I got on amazon and priced out some of the brake parts for a 2007 IS350

Centric brake hoses (2) - $33.76
Centric rotors (2) - $152
Bendix Calipers (2) - $280
Centric brake pads - $33
Brackets - $120

Grand total = $620

Now I am certain you can bring that total down a bit by searching around online. I just used amazon as a quick search reference. I did not price the parts anywhere else.

Also of note, I didn't price out the cheapest option either. Centric and Bendix are pretty decent daily driver level stuff. I am not gentle on my brakes, and not afraid to spend a little more money on brake parts.

If you are truely selling a budget brake upgrade option, a list of part numbers can be helpful. If nothing else, the year, make, model of the car to source the parts from. Some guys might be able to yank some of this stuff off a car at the boneyard..... or order it from LKQ.... hrmmmmmm

Just some thoughts and feedback.

now I need to search LKQ's parts listing

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