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hey everyone, i'm selling these adapters. i know i haven't posted anything on this forum but i have read and had several questions

there's really not much to it

when it comes to the kit itself, all it is is a bracket allowing you to mount the is350 calipers onto the is300. as far as specifications and stopping power and basic physics i do not have any of that, much like the other guys don't either.

i will say however, that they are less expensive, larger, and newer than the tt brakes. i know the name supra is not attached but does it really need to be?

these calipers do come on several other lexus models, as well as the fact that other brakes can work with these.

there's really not a whole lot too it other than a quick, easy and effective bolt on bbk setup. It doesn't need to be over complicated. feel free to message me on purchasing, i do have a website they are about to be listed on, but as of now they all come through me an are made to order. i will post pics later this evening.
as i know Steve will be aswell when his set gets in tomorrow.

i'm just happy to bring new affordable brake options to our platform!!!!!
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