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I'll give much better answers soon, once I have all the parts and get the work done. Keep in mind I've never done IS300 brakes before so it's hard to compare them to anything.

I chose this IS350 solution as it's bigger, affordable, and based on (supposedly) aluminum calipers. The Supra TT calipers and LS400 calipers are cast-iron. I'm therefore not sure that this upgrade I'm pursuing will be cheaper than an LS400 one as I don't know if you need caliper brackets for that, but assume you do. In terms of ease, there is trimming required from what I know for the dust shields and things like that, but installation will be left to professionals as I have a regular shop that does my projects for me.

I'll let you know more once I know more, including pictures and details. This was more about announcing that there is a new option available as I suspect that others may be interested too.

Originally Posted by Shobster View Post
Nice, got a few questions though.

What does the adapter kit include?

Why did you go for IS350 brakes instead of a LS400 Brake kit?

How much did it cost vs an LS400 Brake kit conversion?

Is it just as easy as an LS400 brake kit conversion?
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