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Cube Speed Short Shifter. R154 Review

Here goes a little write up.
Cube speed short throw shifter for the r154 mounted in the is300.

Exactly what was in the ebay ad. I spoke with the guy about it he seemed legit sounded like a good newish product so I thought what the hell since my stock r154 shifter was popping out of the plate at the top.

Now for the part that I wasn't expecting and is some info that should be out there for people who would like to buy it.

It installs just fine but if you want to keep the oem look it will Not fit through the oem shift boot. The should at the threads end will not fit through. Meaning you can't thread your shift knob back on and snap the plastic bezel back in flat.

Remedy: for those that have access to this kind of machinery. I do so this wasn't a huge problem more of an inconvenience.
I took the top portion of the shifter to work and in a lathe turned the shoulder down and also put a chamfer on the shaft for the shift boot to sit nicely on. Also, adding threads to the shaft so it would sit lower when the knob was screwed on.

The thread were not made on the shaft yet in that picture.

Afterwards it fit perfectly and looks completely stock.. expect the shifter knob I made haha.

Now for some measurements:

I did not shorten the shaft. Could have but simply chose not too. A good fit was to turn it down to a total 1-3/4" and then add a chamfer.

Onto the important part, How does it work! Works great! Nice and tight shifter feeling compared to the oem r154 shifter. No huge shifts anymore I'd say the shifts are reduced to.. estimate 55-60% of the old shifter. Another bonus is that if you are losing oil out the shifter top from sloshing around under hard take offs, I haven't noticed any oil getting past this set up.

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